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When I purchased my Nikon D200 camera at Dodd's in Cleveland, A group of workers were putting shingles on the church across the street. So, I set up my tripod with the new camera and took the photos that I used in the video below. It was a lot of fun!


Below, you will find an AMradio transmitter I built a few years ago. It can be used with your iPhone to broadcast to an AM radio things you recorded on your phone. It is fun to use..


The above images are of AM Transmitter that I built. You plug in your phone and tune an AM radio to the band(dial)playing the music. Very retro.

Video #16 below 2-8-0 Brass Loco Repair



Video #15 MY TRIP TO AMHERST TRAIN SHOW (2/22/2018)


Video #14 Birdhouse Build (02/15/2016)
See how I construct a simple birdhouse that is fun and fast!

Video #13 Convert a Freezer into a Refrigerator (11/14/2015)
Updated 02/01/2016

Video #12 Another Mail Bag (2/21/2014)

Video #11 Mail Bag & Bi-Polar LED Build Demo

Video #10 Electronic Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Video #9 Electronic Mail Bag

Video #8 XBee Learn how to program an XBee Series 1

Video 7 Compilation: LED Lighting, Train Running & Layout Video

Video 6 Quick LED Lights for Your Tenshodo Passenger Cars

Video 5 Tenshodo Interior Light Replacement with LEDs

Video 4 Broadway Limited Inc. (BLI) Locomotive Repair

Video 3 Tenshodo Passenger Car Adjustment for Tight Curves

Video 2 Broadway Limited Inc. (BLI) F7 B Unit Repair

Video #1 Atlas Locomotive S-2 Repair